Internet of Things and Services in Vienna, Austria, Europe


The Digital Transformation and the Internet of Things and Services have an huge impact in our society and economy, in our life and our work!

IoT Austria - The Austrian Internet of Things Network is a platform, where people, companies and institutions can meet for sharing their knowledge, experiences, technologies, contacts and ressources and could start collaborations in order to bring forward the Internet of Things and Services and the Open Concepts spirit (Open Collaboration, Open Organization, Open Knowledge, Open Access, Open Data, Open Source, …) in Europe.

Above all stands the conscious and responsible use of technology based on ethical values for the benefit of humans.

IoT Austria is based on volunteering work and is not-for-profit - all our events are for public access and free of charge for any visitors.

Connect, Share & Collaborate

Do you want to join?

This is the right platform for enthusiasts interested in:

  • Digtial Transformation
  • Internet of Things and Services
  • Open Source Hardware and Software
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Industrial Internet / Industry 4.0 / Smart Production
  • M2M
  • Smart City
  • Wearable Technologies
  • Hardware Design
  • Software Development
  • Safety, Security, Privacy, Resiliance
  • Business Models
  • Use Cases
  • Best Cases
  • Worst cases and failures
  • New Projects and Startups
  • Social Impact
Whom are you joining?

We are enthusiasts consisting of:

  • Students and retirees
  • Men and women
  • People out-of-work and CEOs
  • Curious people and makers
  • Researchers and scientists
  • Designers and hands-on farmers
  • Politicians and free-thinkers
  • Psychologists and philosophers
  • Serial-entrepreneurs and tech experts
Why is the IoT Austria network worth to join?

We take IoT seriously and we are planning some pretty cool activities in the future. And we plan to continue our path and grow substantially in the future. At the moment:

  • we already have branches in 8 cities across Austria
  • we have approx. 1000 subscribers to our monthly regular event system network
  • more than 5600 followers in our twitter network
  • more than 3400 people have attended our events in 2015 all over Austria
So what is IoT Austria actually doing?

We are quite busy creating events (talks & workshops, small and big), promoting our ideas via newsletters and building hardware & software to proof that IoT really adds value to our life. For more infos see our „What is the Internet of Things?” section.

I´m really interested. But what shall I do now?

  • Register for our newsletter below!
  • Join our community on Facebook, MeetUp, Twitter, Instagram, Xing or Linked-In!
  • Visit our community events and meet us. Just easy like that. Free of charge. And we won´t bite!
  • Become a sustaining member by providing donations OR simply join our volunteering work force! For example:
    • You are web designer? - Help us improve our website!
    • You are an event manager or want it to be? - Help us improve our talks!
    • You are keen to get in touch with IoT professionals and love to be on stages? - Help us by moderating our IoT talks and workshops!
    • You are an IoT expert yourself and have something to say? - We love to publish your content in our media channels or providing you a stage to discuss your ideas!

IoT Austria is part of the European IoT Network Community



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IoT Events

April 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-04-06, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks April 2016:
Special: Networks
Details & Reservation
2016-04-19, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop April 2016
User Research in the Internet of Things
Details & Reservation
May 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-05-03, 17:30SalzburgIoT Salzburg
IoT Talks Mai (Salzburg):
2016-05-04, 18:00Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks May 2016
Special: IoT & Big Data
Details & Reservation
2016-05-17, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop May 2016
User Interaction Prototyping in the Internet of Things
Details & Reservation
June 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-06-01, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks June 2016
Special: IoT & Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning
Details & Reservation
2016-06-14, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop June 2016
The Experience Process
Details & Reservation
July 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-07-06, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks July 2016
Special: IoT & Open Collaboration & Organization
Details & Reservation
2016-07-19, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop July 2016
August 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-08-03, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks August 2016
2016-06-16, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop August 2016
September 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-09-07, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks September 2016
2016-09-20, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshops September 2016
October 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-10-05, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks October 2016
2016-10-18, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop October 2016
November 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-11-02, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks November 2016
2016-11-15, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop November 2016
December 2016
DateLocation Group Event
2016-12-07, 18:30Vienna IoT Vienna
IoT Talks December 2016
2016-12-13, 18:30ViennaIoT Vienna
IoT Workshop December 2016