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 +====== Testformular ======
 +Action template template:​speaker "​speaker :​@@Lastname@@_@@Surname@@"​ :
 +Action template template:​speaker "​speaker :​@@Surname@@_@@Lastname@@"​ :
 +Thanks "​Thanks for submitting your valuable data." ​
 +Fieldset "​Speaker"​
 +textbox ​ "​Surname"​
 +textbox "​Lastname"​
 +date "Your Birthdate YYYY-MM-DD"​
 +textbox "​Twitter"​
 +email "Your E-Mail Address" ​
 +textbox "Your Company/​Organization"​
 +textbox "Your Website"​
 +textarea "​Speaker-Bio"​
 +textbox "​Occupation (optional)"​ !
 +fieldset "Talk 1"
 +select "​Talkclass"​ "​Technology|Products|Business|Public Interest"​
 +fieldset "​Agreement"​
 +static "I will agree to ..."
 +yesno "Read the agreement?"​
 +textarea "Tell me about your self"
 +textbox "You need to write '​agree'​ here" /^agree$/
 +submit "​Submit Query"