<form> Action template template:speaker “speaker :@@Lastname@@_@@Surname@@” : Action template template:speaker “speaker :@@Surname@@_@@Lastname@@” :

Thanks “Thanks for submitting your valuable data.”

Fieldset “Speaker”

textbox “Surname” textbox “Lastname” date “Your Birthdate YYYY-MM-DD” textbox “Twitter” email “Your E-Mail Address” textbox “Your Company/Organization” textbox “Your Website” textarea “Speaker-Bio”

textbox “Occupation (optional)” !

fieldset “Talk 1” select “Talkclass” “Technology|Products|Business|Public Interest”

fieldset “Agreement” static “I will agree to …” yesno “Read the agreement?” textarea “Tell me about your self” textbox “You need to write 'agree' here” /^agree$/ submit “Submit Query” </form>