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Building IoT Applications With And Tinkerforge

by Günter Obiltschnig is a brand new open source software platform for rapidly building IoT applications that run on Linux-based devices like the Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone or RED Brick. It implements a modular, extensible JavaScript (and C++) runtime environment inspired by OSGi, providing interfaces to various kinds of sensors and devices, as well as cloud services. is based on the well established POCO C++ Libraries and the V8 JavaScript engine.

Tinkerforge is an open source hardware platform of stackable microcontroller building blocks (Bricks) that can control different modules (Bricklets), typically sensors or I/O devices. Tinkerforge devices are connected to a computer via USB. Alternatively, the RED Brick, a tiny, 40×40 mm Linux computer can be used.

The proposed talk will first give a quick introduction to both and Tinkerforge, and will then demonstrate how to build an application that collects various sensor measurements, stores them in a local database, visualizes them on a local website and performs various actions, such as sending SMS messages or posting to Twitter if certain events occur, all with just a few lines of easily comprehensible JavaScript.,