Interoperability with Standardless IoT

by David Janes

The Internet of Things is overrun with a plethora of standards: AllJoyn, HomeKit, Thread Group, Open Interconnect Consortium, and many many more.

What these standards have in common is their prescriptive nature: “here’s how you do this”. This is a great model if we all agree on the standard - think HTML! - but an unholy mess if we don’t.

But what if we took the opposite approach, simple describing the capability of things and using that as a jumping off point? Is it possible to create interoperability through descriptive standards? The answer - emphatically - is yes.

This talk will be about how standard web technologies - JSON, JSON-LD, Javascript, Node.JS and RESTful models - can be easily be used to “control all the things”.

We’ve worked with off the shelf components such as WeMo, Hue, SmartThings, TCP Lighting, LIFX; toys like littleBits; prototyping tools like Arduino and Raspberry Pis; protocols like UPnP, mDNS, Bluetooth Low Energy; and even “non-IoT” devices like receivers and television sets.

All code referenced in this talk is open source on GitHub (Apache license).



We are very sorry, but due to some technical problems we currently couldn't offer a video for this talk.