Secure and Reliable, Cloud and Remote Service Connections for IoT Applications

by Jiri Hosek

One of the crucial issues in IoT domain is a secure and reliable remote service connection. There are many candidates for a communication infrastructure between the smart home ecosystem and service providers, distribution centres or end-users accessing smart home applications remotely. Optimally the access and communication service technology should be already deployed in order to minimize initial investments and in parallel must provide sufficient reliability and security even for critical applications. Therefore, already deployed telco platforms have a strong potential to become the key communication technologies for smart home domain. The existing IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS), embedded in or associated with telecommunication networks are providing all the required standards, security and dedicated communication service frameworks for universal remote access methods out of the box. In combination with an IMS-enabled and OSGi-compliant IoT Gateway, they provide a ready-to-use basis for a performing and cost-effective IoT service platform. That is why we investigated the applicability of residential gateway access technology for emerging home automation services. Finally, we developed and demonstrate a middleware solution enabling the “state of technology” IP-based home gateway to serve as a universal multi-purpose enabler for connected home automation systems like smart metering and private grid, alarm systems, photo-voltaic energy production systems, and much more being fully comparable with multi-purpose Gateway Agent concepts.