Reactive Programming & IoT: a perfect marriage

by Sven Beauprez

Social media, open data and now IoT in general brings a lot of 'black box' components which deliver data as flows or streams to be processed by an application. Traditional procedural and object-oriented paradigms have no elegant solution to easily process these streams out of the box. The same is true for (complex) event processing of data coming from sensors, which will even contain higher volumes of data compared to what is coming from existing sources today. To solve this, techniques are taken from declarative programming to process the event streams. In this talk I will introduce dataflow and functional reactive programming with practical examples in Node-RED & Node.js, as a technique to process massive amounts of data as well as on the edge, in the fog as in the cloud. If there is sufficient time, a practical demo with Tessel ( will be given.



We are very sorry, but due to some technical problems we currently couldn't offer a video for this talk.