Herwig Zeiner

Graz, Austria
@_zeiner, http://www.joanneum.at/digital

Herwig Zeiner is a key researcher of JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Graz, Austria. His research interests are data intensive distributed event driven software systems for real-time data stream analytics applying adaptive online algorithm and complex event processing techniques. He is key-researcher in Secure Contactless Sphere - Smart RFID-Technologies for a Connected World (SeCoS). In this project, he is responsible for the Web of Things platform. He was the scientific leader of JOANNEUM RESEARCH in several other European and national research projects.

Graz/Styria an IoT region in Europe

One basis for that is a highly developed and specialized electronic industry. Just as one example, approximately 50% of all RFID chips used worldwide have been developed in Styria. Styrian companies are leading the field in chip innovation with well-known applications such as access control, electronic ticketing and electronic payments. Around this, a cluster of innovative start-ups, SMEs and service providers have emerged, making this a very active region in the area of contactless sensor and communication technologies. This makes Styria a place providing and combining all the required skills and expertise so we like to name us “RFID Hotspot” (http://www.sfg.at/cms/3590/RFID/ ).

These developments are accompanied by a rich research infrastructure: just for the area your study is aiming at, there are the Graz University of Technology, two Applied Universities of Technology, JOANNEUM RESEARCH as well as some smaller independent research organisations. The political and financial strategies of the Styrian government are implemented by SFG – the Styrian Business Promotion Agency. They actively support the “RFID Hotspot” as well as many other relevant projects. The most prominent projects are the “RFID Qualification Network Austria” with more than 25 partners, providing know-how for SMEs for systems, software and solutions. SeCoS (Secure Contactless Sphere – Smart RFID-Technologies for a Connected World) is a project in the Austrian Competence Centers Programme, in both of them JOANNEUM RESEARCH is involved with DIGITAL, the Institute for Information and Communication Technologies.


SeCoS - Web of Things ‘Application Platform’ - applied in Industrial Internet applications

by Herwig Zeiner

New RFID or NFC applications will be built with the Web of Things Application Platform consisting of several software building blocks of mobile or cloud based applications. The Web of Things application platform is based on the principles of event-driven applications and adequate messaging standards such as MQTT or Websockets. When data about real world things is stored in the Web, how can this data and software application are protected against misuse? To support software maker in this aspect, information security measures will be integrated in all relevant software components. In this way data protection challenges will be overcome. Finally, the project will involve the development of several industrial driven demonstrators incorporating the core components of the developed Web of Things application platform.



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