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 http://​pschlein.kinaoo.com/​ // http://​pschlein.kinaoo.com/​ //
-Speaker-Bio ​...+I've started my carreer as Support Engineer for Oracle Databases in 1999. 
 +Since 2002 Software Developer mainly for Java based applications in different companies 
 +2011 joint IBM 
 +    * Software Engineer for Java RCP client applications for financial calculations. 
 +    * Build and deployment activities 
 +    * Since 2012 Project Manager for 2 Pricing applications (Java based) 
 +    * Since 2014 Program Manager for a Costing and Pricing application Suite 
 +Due to my technical background and my understanding of the Java programming language I'm able to directly discuss problems and implementation details with my development team on a technical levelOn the other side, I'm the interface to the customer to discuss release schedules, requirements and problem resolution approaches. 
 +Beside my daily business I've started with home automation in 1996 very small with just automated rollershutters. From that on, I've tried to integrate every electronical device into my bussystem to achieve the global goal of a smart and connected home. The benefits are comfort, safety and engery saving. 
 +Between 2012 and 2013 I published my experience in a monthly podcast called "The Smarter Home Podcast"​. 
 ===== Talks ===== ===== Talks =====
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