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 @osdomotics,​ www.osdomotics.com // @osdomotics,​ www.osdomotics.com //
-Harald is president of OSDOMOTICS and organizer of IoT Vienna, IoT Graz and IoT Linz and Co-Organizer of IoT Salzburg. +Harald is president of OSDOMOTICS and organizer of several ​IoT groups is Austria. He is an author writing since many years in the area of computing ​and open source. He is working as an researcher ​and developer for hardand software for UNIX-based systems as well.
 ===== Talks ===== ===== Talks =====
 {{namespace>​talks:​pichler_harald&​nouser&​nodate}} {{namespace>​talks:​pichler_harald&​nouser&​nodate}}