Hauke Petersen

Berlin, Germany
FU Berlin

Hauke is a core developer and maintainer of RIOT, and a PhD student at Freie Universität Berlin. Before he joined FU Berlin he worked as a systems and safety engineer in the automotive industry. Hauke is passionated about embedded programming since more than ten years. He is especially interested in implementing advanced software on constrained, embedded hardware. Currently he focuses on the redesign of network stack architecture in RIOT.


RIOT - The Friendly Operating System for the Internet of Things

by Hauke Petersen from FU Berlin

Everyday, exciting new tiny network devices pop up: the Internet of Things (IoT) is already here - from the hardware side. On the software side however, current platforms made it uneasy for developers to build apps that run on heterogeneous IoT hardware. Unfortunately, Linux doesn't scale down to small, energy- and resource-constrained devices, while smaller footprint alternatives such as Contiki yield a huge learning curve and lengthy development life-cycles, because they rule out standard programming languages, paradigms and debugging.

RIOT is a new open source software platform for embedded devices that bridges this gap. In this talk, we will give a brief background about RIOT. In particular, we will illustrate how any programmer can develop applications on typical IoT devices with zero learning curve and shortened development life-cycle, using standard languages (C or C++) and well-known tools such as gcc, gdb, valgrind, and make.




We are very sorry, but due to some technical problems we currently couldn't offer a video for this talk.