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 +====== Günter Obiltschnig ======
 +// Maria Elend, Austria \\
 +Applied Informatics Software
 +\\ @obiltschnig,​ http://​obiltschnig.com, ​ http://​www.appinf.com //
 +Günter Obiltschnig is a software engineer and entrepreneur from Carinthia, Austria.
 +In 2004, Günter started the POCO C++ Libraries open source project. He still leads the project and regularly contributes code to it. The POCO C++ Libraries are highly regarded due to their rich features, ease of use and quality of implementation and have been widely used by leading companies worldwide. In 2013, Günter started to work on what is now known as macchina.io,​ an open source toolkit for building IoT applications.
 +Günter'​s professional programming career has spanned more than 20 years. He's a hard-core C++ developer who also likes JavaScript and he has been working on the Internet of Things since way before everyone started talking about it.
 +As an entrepreneur,​ Günter is the founder and managing director of Applied Informatics Software Engineering GmbH.
 +===== Talks =====