Sten Hanke

Wiener Neustadt, Austria
AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Dr. Sten Hanke is a senior scientist and project manager at the division biomedical system in the Health and Environment Department of the AIT and responsible for the open platform research group. He is a working member of the international ISO/IEEE 11073, European ISO/TC 215 and CEN/TC 251 health care and medical device communication working group as well as the national ON-AG238.4 group. He is responsible AIT representative in the Continua Health Alliance (device plug and play and interoperability) and is current member of the governing board of the Ambient Assisted Living Open Association (AALOA).


Quality of life services in an ambient intelligent environment

by Sten Hanke from Austrian Institute of Technologies

New ICT technology will make our homes and environment more intelligent. New technology and services can help especially elderly people to life more independent at home and provide them a better quality of life. The talk will point out some recent development and research in this field at the AIT and will show the possibilities for future living.