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 ====== Georg Güntner ====== ====== Georg Güntner ======
 // Salzburg, Austria \\ // Salzburg, Austria \\
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 @tourenfex, http://​instandhaltung40.salzburgresearch.at // @tourenfex, http://​instandhaltung40.salzburgresearch.at //
-Georg Güntner ​ist Projektleiter und Senior Researcher ​in der Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft. ​Die Schwerpunkte seiner Forschungstätigkeit liegen im Bereich der Begleit- und Akzeptanzforschung von Internet-Technologien und des Internets der Dinge in Produktionsund Instandhaltungsunternehmensowie im Bereich der semantischen Technologien,​ Wissensrepräsentation und Enterprise Information IntegrationEr leitet das Sondierungsprojekt „Instandhaltung ​4.0“ bei Salzburg Research.+Georg Güntner ​holds a position as senior researcher and project manager ​in the IoT group at Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft. ​From 2000 to 2013 he was executive manager of Salzburg NewMediaLab,​ a centre of excellence for new media technologies. In his recent work Georg focusses on research challenges resulting from the implementation and use of Internet ​technologies and the IoT in the manufacturing and maintenance sector. Georg has a long-term expertise in the area of semantic technologiesknowledge representation and enterprise information integrationGeorg Güntner is project manager of the exploratory study “Maintenance ​4.0”. 
 +Salzburg Research ​Forschungsgesellschaft m.b.H. is a research and technology organisa-tion located in the city of Salzburg. The IoT group at Salzburg Research investigates the merge of manufacturing environments with Internet technologies. The group sees the Inter-net of Things as a key enabling technology for connecting manufacturing assets and the re-sulting products in the Industrial Internet and for the acquisition and processing of data over the life cycle.
 ===== Talks ===== ===== Talks =====
 {{namespace>​talks:​guentner_georg&​nodate&​nouser}} {{namespace>​talks:​guentner_georg&​nodate&​nouser}}