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 ====== Jürgen Grieshofer ====== ====== Jürgen Grieshofer ======
 // Vorchdorf, Austria \\ // Vorchdorf, Austria \\
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 http://​www.owasp.org // http://​www.owasp.org //
-Speaker-Bio ​...+Jürgen Grieshofer works for 4CKnowLedge OG as security researcher, penetrationtester and developer in ICS/SCADA environments. 
 +He's also co-founder of Awarity Training Solutions GmbH, a company providing innovative security awareness trainings and incident handling. 
 +In the sparetime he contributes to various projects and organizations like CyberSecurityAustria,​ OWASP or Funkfeuer
 ===== Talks ===== ===== Talks =====
 {{namespace>​talks:​gieshofer_juergen&​nouser&​nodate}} {{namespace>​talks:​gieshofer_juergen&​nouser&​nodate}}