Chris Foraita

Vienna, Austria
DMC 01 Consulting & Development

Chris Foraita has designed software services and web applications for the past 18 years. His work has a wide variety of projects between automotive, financial services, healthcare, insurances, publishers, scientific societies and start-ups. He started his career as an interface designer for a hard & software company in the field of Security Management Systems, Head-End Equipment, Field Equipment and Building Management Systems. Currently Chris is working for a design consultancy based in Vienna. In 2011 he was part of an Agile multi-partner team where he got to the heard of Agile. This was the starting point that changes the way of how he worked. “Agile is a human way of working”. It's fast, visual, collaborative and continuous.

Chris is passionate about digital experiences to satisfy people. He is Coaching, exploring & evolving Goal-Directed Design, Agile & Lean UX principles.


Design Thinking - innovation through collaboration, insight, learning and improvement

by Chris Foraita

IoT products and services can be very development driven and execution focused which cause issues with expectation of investors, stakeholders, team members and customers. In this talk Chris will explain some common problems in product development and how design thinking helps the team to focus on the important stuff to build the right thing for the people.

In this talk, we will discuss how design thinking provides value to projects:


  • How you can approach and frame problems with design thinking
  • How you can closely align with designers, engineers and business people
  • Making better product decisions
  • Creating valuable & meaningful products \