Klemens Edler

Groß Enzersdorf, Austria
@kledlun, http://www.lunifera.com

Klemens Edler is COO of Lunifera GmbH and is an expert in Linux and the mastermind behind Lunifera's IoT projects. He has a lot of knowledge setting up the BeagleBones and to configure things properly.Klemens is speaker on national and international developer conferences.


Industrie 1.0 meets Business 4.0

by Florian Pirchner and Klemens Edler from Lunifera

The steam engine was the cornerstone of the first industrial revolution. In our talk, we present a steam engine and make it a part of „Industry 4.0“. Using sensors, the steam engine pushes its current parameters to our IoT server. We then use an augmented reality Android app to visualize these parameters right on smartphones or tablets.We believe that augmented reality in conjunction with IoT is a trendsetting technology. We have been working on implementations of this for months. This combination of technologies enables us to present information where it is needed: right in front of the human eye.