Michael Boyle

Vienna, Austria
Procurro Solutions
@procurro, http://www.procurrosolutions.com

Michael is the Managing Director of Procurro Solutions , an Austrian company with a global imprint, specializing in Product Management, Business Analysis, Product Management and Lean Management.Previous to founding Procurrio Solutions , Michael specialized in Application Portfolio Management, Product Management and operational process excellence.


Frugal Innovation

by Michael Boyle from Procurro Solutions

There are people in the developing world that are find simple ways to solve their real-world problems. Lo and behold, many of them did not realize that they are budding entrepreneurs. This scenario alone is a success story. What happens when consumers in the ‘developed’ world catch wind of such products and also develop a clamoring for the same product? This presentation will make you look at the concept of a minimum viable product from a different vantage point and will hopefully give you another vantage point for the IoT.




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Speaker Note

Now is the time for all good entrepreneurs to remove the clutter from their offerings

This atypical call to arms can be seen as being the cure to the bloat commonly found among a number of products today. How often have you run across an application developed as a solution desperately looking for a problem to solve?

There is indeed a better way…

Real needs demand real solutions

Witness the examples found throughout the so called developing countries where effective solutions are being created with the existing resources at hand. Lo and behold, what happens then when we start to realize that this fictitious boundary we have established no longer applies? Shanghai now has a higher Gross Domestic Product on a Purchasing Power Parity. Hans Rosling does a great job of explaining this development.


Following his analogy, how can we continue to justify products that are good enough for them but not good enough for us?

Frugal Innovation describes how we can learn again what the true meaning is of a minimum viable product and how we create again products and services that people want and need … and nothing more.