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 // Cologne, Germany \\ // Cologne, Germany \\
 SCS Superior Consulting Services \\ SCS Superior Consulting Services \\
-@patrick_benz,​ http://​www.scs-leuttgen.com //+@patrick_benz,​ http://​www.scs-luettgen.com //
-Born in 1984, Master ​Degree ​in Business Administration ​an Management, Consultant for digital Businesses ​and IoT+Born in 1984, Master’s degree ​in Business Administration ​Management, Consultant for Digital Business ​and IoT
 ===== Talks ===== ===== Talks =====
 {{namespace>​talks:​benz_patrick&​nodate&​nouser}} {{namespace>​talks:​benz_patrick&​nodate&​nouser}}