Josef Bayer

Vienna, Austria
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Josef Bayer is an Innovation Manager at a Solution Provider company and tracks and supports several StartUp projects. He is enthusiastically evaluating opportunities and is ready to participate also actively in interesting initiatives.


Caret as an IoT status Exchange Platform

by Josef Bayer

Caret is an IoT status exchange platform providing a scalable cloud based infrastructure and comfortable client app GUI on smartphones for IoT devices and sensor based services.

The first powerful application of the platform is utilising the built in sensors of the smartphones linking contacts in the address book and enrich them with automatically set status. This results the most dynamic address book of the 21st century.

The infrastructure is built on a solid, massively scalable platform (Erlang, XMPP, Apache Cassandra, Amazon) , which might provide the proper service platform also for other device developers.



2015-02-19 16:34 · stefan_hupe