Daniel Amesberger

Vienna, Austria
@damesberger, @amescon, http://www.amescon.com

Daniel has been CEO of Amescon since 2003 and is former CTO of Schulze Cash Handling Systems. In that position he had a lot of experience in designing automation systems in the cash handling industry both from the electronics/hardware and software side. Amescon still develops automation systems, but there is also a strong focus on software and electronics engineering.


Smart Open Source Automation

by Daniel Amesberger

Introduction to an open-source hardware and software platform as a more flexible alternative for expensive and proprietary PLCs like the Siemens S7.

I will show how to easily build an internet connected automation solution with the RasPiCommPlus. By using textual and graphical programming languages defined by the industry standard IEC 61131-3 it behaves like a usually very expensive and closed source PLC. The tools available today make development effortless and straight forward. I will also show how to debug and monitor the system remotely.


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