Speaker Information

When you should arrive?

The doors are open from 08:00.

How will be responsible for you?

Please contact Sabrina at the reception and she will help you?

For further questions please contact during the event:

  • Name, Phone, Email, Twitterhandle

Where and when will be your talk?

Please have a look at the Agenda?

The Talk Template

Each talk will follow this template:

  • 20 min talk
  • 10 min Q&A
  • 10 min breaks for transition, 1:1 discussions, grab a drink etc.

We will make a strikt timeboxing: if your time is over, the moderator will interrupt you.

What kind of adapters do you need for your presentation?

We are using the equipment of the Univerisity. To connect your own laptop, there will be the following connections

  • Vorhandene Anschlüsse eintragen


Please bring your presentation also on a USB-Stick as PDF/A-file.


You will use a headset as microphone.

Video recording

We will make a video recording - and maybe a lifestream as well. The final video will be broadcast on the DebClub YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE3pymn7PXXR5qy1jqL2LQWpog0_4mm8X


We will offer every speaker drinks and food at the Mensa for free. You will get a voucher at the reception.


During the conference we will offer you a free WiFi internet connection:

  • WLAN-Verbindungsdaten eintragen

Publication of your slides

Please send the slides of your talk to gide2015@iot-vienna.at so we could publish them on the event website.


The event will be closed at 20:30.

Make it public

Please help us to make this event public an tell everybody about it in your social channels.


We are very curious about your feedback:

  • What did you like?
  • Any suggestions what we could improve for #gide2016

Please send your feedback to gide2015@iot-vienna.at.