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INVITATION to #gide2015 - European Internet of Things Conference in Vienna

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest trends in IT. The 9th of April has been designated as “Global IoT Day”. This year's “Global IoT Day” is already the fifth time that the worldwide IoT community invites people to learn about new technologies used for the “Internet of Things” and about the opportunities (and problems) they bring about.

IoT Vienna - The Internet of Things Group of Vienna - takes part in this global event and seizes the opportunity to host the conference #gide2015 in order to

  • raise awareness of IoT,
  • bring european people and companies together, so they can share their knowledge, experiences, resources and contacts for a better cooperation
  • demonstrate cool IoT people and awesome stuff from Europe.

The best is, that IoT Vienna hosts this event on 9th of April as FREE EVENT:

European Internet of Things Conference
Vienna, Austria, Europe

University of Applied Sciences TECHNIKUM Vienna
2015-04-09, 08:00-21:00

#gide2015 is a FREE EVENT! No ticket fee!

Info and registration: iot-day-event/2015

Talks at the #gide2015 will cover the following domains:

  • Technologies (hardware as well as software),
  • Products (innovations, ideas, scenarios),
  • Business (start-up stories, marketing, seed capital, legal issues) and
  • Social interest (privacy, security, ethics, psychic effects).

Speakers will be european and local experts. More than 40 speakers have submitted more than 50 talks. And we are expecting more than 400 attendees.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet european experts personally, learn more about IoT and visit a beautiful city.

More details:

BTW: If you are interested to become a sponsor for this huge event, than don't hesitate to contact us

It would be great if you could manage it to be part of the #gide2015!