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We offer you the GLOBAL IOT DAY EVENT for free. If you like our work and want to support us it would be great to make a donation. Please feel free to buy a Supporter-Ticket and choose your donation:

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Peter Adler, Petra Bierleutgeb, Fritz Bischof from Klüber Lubrication, Herbert Dirnberger, Martin Giesswein, Johannes Grundschober, Benjamin Herde, Karin Hiebler, Günther Huber, Thomas Johnson, Franz Kaufmann, Gudrun Kellner, Andreas Klein, Bernhard Kainrath, Ernst Langmantel, Jan Meyer, Christine Muraca, Peter Nagy, Harald Pichler, Karl Pletschko from Mopius, Andreas Rosenthal, Leopold Rother, Temel Sangün, Barbara Stecker, Friedrich Szukitsch, Thomas Vietheer, Bert Wassermayr, Bernd Zimmermann.