Call for Proposals

Do you want to join the GLOBAL IOT DAY EVENT as a speaker and offer a talk? Then don't hesitate and send us your proposal!

Call for Proposal has finished

This is the template for a talk:

  • 20 min talk
  • 10 min Q&A
  • 10 min break for 1:1 discussion

Talks at the GLOBAL IOT DAY EVENT will cover the following topics/aspects of IoT:

  • Technologies (Hardware, Software, Informatics)
  • Products (Ideas, Projects, Products, Use Cases)
  • Business topics (Startup stories, Marketing, Developing process, Legal issues, Financing)
  • Public Interest (Ethics, Privacy, Security, Psychology, Politics, Legal issues, Economics, Impact on Society)

If you want to give a talk, please send us your proposal for a free of charge talk with the following information:

  * Title
  * Abstract
  * Language of your talk (en/de)
  * IoT aspect/topic
  * Talk Category
  * Target Group
  * Relevant links
  * Teaser picture

  * Speaker Name
  * Picture of the speaker
  * Speaker's short CV
  * Contact information (Address, Phone number, Email, Twitter, Website)
  * If you have experience in giving talks, it would be nice 
    if you could offer us a link to the slides or a video of a previous talk.


Final date: 2015-02-12, 24:00