Registration will be from 08:30 until 09:30.

The agenda will be as follows:

Track 1 Track 2 Track 3
Time Room A Room B Room C
09:30 Welcome Welcome Welcome
09:40 Harald Pichler
Smart SARAH Home Automation (CoAP)
Dominik Obermaier
Pub/sub for the Masses: MQTT
Daniel Amesberger
Smart Open Source Automation
10:20 Walter Oberreiter
IoT in Manufacturing
Jörg Wende
Lukas Hatala
IoT architecture fundamentals
11:00 Wolfgang Hafenscher
IoT Junior Cup
Hannes Robier
The best interface is no interface
Günter Obiltschnig
IoT with and TinkerForge
11:30 Short Break
12:00 Chris Foraita
Design Thinking
Georg Güntner
IoT meets Maintenance
Gregor Biswanger
IoT: Galileo Board & JavaScript
12:40 LUNCH Johann Guenther
Sven Ruppert
Industrial Protoyping with TinkerForge
13:20 LUNCH LUNCH Hauke Petersen
RIOT: the friendly OS for the IoT
13:30 Silvia C. Zimmermann
Better and more sustainable disruptive technologies
14:10 Michael Boyle
Frugal Innovation
Gregory Estrade
Identity, security and privacy in the IoT era
14:50 Patrick Benz
Worauf es bei der Vermarktung von IoT-Endgeräten ankommt
Herbert Dirnberger
The Fuzzy IoT: Opportunities and Threats
Ralf Schlatterbeck
Peak Power Solar Charger with 6LoWPAN
15:30 Knud Lasse Lueth
The competitive IoT landscape
Herwig Zeiner
SeCoS - Web of Things "Application Platform"
David Janes
What should a Thing API look like
16:00 Short Break
16:30 Florian Pirchner
Industry 1.0 meets Business 4.0
Stefan Bumerl
IoT - Identity of Things
Sven Beauprez
Reactive Programming and IoT
17:10 Peter Schleinzer
Latest News from the Talking House
Jiří Hošek
Secure Connections for IoT Applications
David Janes
Interoperability with standardless IoT
17:50 Jürgen Grieshofer
Top 10 IoT security risks
Sonja Dürager
IoT: Segen oder Fluch aus juristischer Sicht?
Alexander Hirner
Ethereum: adecentralized software platform for people and things
18:30 Sten Hanke
Quality of Life Services
Johannes Tinsobin
IoT Business Models
Josef Bayer
Caret as an IoT status exchange platform
19:00 Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye

Final 20:00

Subject to modifications